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Cross-Stitch Napkin Basket Kit

Cross-Stitch Napkin Basket Kit

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This basket weaving kit contains all the materials to weave one cross-stitch napkin basket like the one in the photos. The finished basket measures 9 inches square and is approximately 7 inches tall.

What is included in this basket kit:
- 42 feet of 5/8" flat reed: Stakes, Weavers
- 30 feet of #3 round reed: Twining, Cross-stitching - 50 feet of 1/4" flat-oval reed: Weavers, Lashing
- 10 feet of 1/2" flat reed: Weavers
- 8 feet of 5/8" flat-oval reed: Rim
- 4 feet of #2 seagrass: Rim insert
- Basic instruction sheet on how to weave the basket. This assumes some basket weaving knowledge.

All the materials you will need to complete a handwoven napkin basket.

Textile Indie also offers a video course for purchase on how to weave this basket. See our courses page for more details.

If you are interested in weaving more baskets check out Basketry Immersion: A Year Long Journey. It's a video and instructional program teaching basket weaving techniques through a twelve-basket series. This kit is the first basket tutorial in that series. Check out more info here.

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