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Colorful Market Basket Weaving Kit

Colorful Market Basket Weaving Kit

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This basket weaving kit contains all the materials to weave a colorful market basket like the one in the photos. The finished basket measures 8 inches wide, and 14 inches long, with a 12-inch tall handle and 9-inch tall walls.

What is included in this basket kit:

All the materials you will need to complete a handwoven colorful market basket with a handle. 

Please note: Due to variations in computer monitors and the unique nature of natural dyeing processes, the colors you see may differ slightly from the actual product. While we strive for consistency, the Amber color, in particular, is derived from natural dyes and can exhibit a range of shades, from its typical amber hue to various tones of red or pink. We appreciate your understanding and assure you that each piece is crafted with care and dedication.

- 22 feet natural 5/8" flat reed (stakes)
- 37 feet natural 1/2" flat reed (stakes, weavers)
- 52 feet dyed (color 1) 1/4" flat-oval reed (stakes, weavers) NOTE: color will vary, see above
- 8 feet natural #3 round reed (twining)
- 13 feet dyed (color 2) 5/8" flat reed (weavers) NOTE: color will vary, see above
- 36 feet #2 seagrass (weavers, rim filler)
- 8 feet natural 5/8" flat-oval reed (rim)
- 10 feet natural 1/4" flat-oval reed (lashing)
- 10-inch wide x 12-inch tall D handle

- Basic instruction sheet on how to weave the basket. This assumes some basket weaving knowledge.

All the materials you will need to complete a handwoven market basket.

Textile Indie also offers a video course for purchase on how to weave this basket. See our courses page for more details.

If you are interested in weaving more baskets check out Basketry Immersion: A Year Long Journey. It's a video and instructional program teaching basket weaving techniques through a twelve-basket series. This kit is the second basket tutorial in that series. Check out more info here.

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