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Revolution Fibers

Revolution Fibers Multi-Color Recycled Sari Silk Yarn, Handspun Sari Fabric Scrap Yarn Cakes | 100 Grams per Ball

Revolution Fibers Multi-Color Recycled Sari Silk Yarn, Handspun Sari Fabric Scrap Yarn Cakes | 100 Grams per Ball

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This worsted weight sari silk yarn is truly a feast for the senses!

Like unwrapping a rainbow, the resplendent candy colors of recycled Sari silk are lightly spun and in some places just knotted together to create a unique organic tactile experience. Sari Silk Yarn has a very soft hand feel that will only get softer with wear and gain an even more beautiful sheen.

Recycled Sari Silk Yarn is a work of art in itself, but it's ideal for  Knitting, Crochet, Jewelry Making, Home Decor, Weaving, Mixed Media Art, or making show-stopping handbags & belts, blend it into one of your favorite yarns for an extra POP of color, or just knot a few strands around your neck to make a one of a kind, organic, free-spirited necklace!

Whatever you create out of this yarn, you can be sure it will turn heads! Each 100 gram skein contains about 50 yards of this fun and funky Recycled Sari Silk Yarn.

About Sari Silk Yarn

100% RECYCLED: Our 100% recycled Sari silk yarn is available in beautiful one of a kind, multi-color arrangements. These beautiful colorways are created by first hand-tearing recycled saree's, or the remnants from the sari manufacturing process and then sewing, or tying, the strips together to form one continuous strand. The resulting yarn is silky soft, a treat for the eyes - absolutely divine!

Eco-Friendly - Revolution Fibers’ 100% Recycled Sari Silk Yarn is made from the remnants of the sari (saree) industry in India. Women in local villages collect the silk fabric remnants and fibers that would typically be discarded and spin them together creating a continuous strand of sari silk yarn, which is then would into a colorful skein. The funds earned from making recycled sari yarn help support their families while keeping these scraps from being added to a landfill.

Product Details

  • Yardage: 50 yards/100 grams
  • Yarn Weight: 4 - Worsted
  • Yarn Material: 100% Recycled Sari Silk
  • Needle Size: 7-9
  • Hook Size: I, J, K
  • Gauge Knitting: 4 stitches per inch
  • Gauge Crochet: 3 stitches per inch
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash cold with white vinegar, or gentle detergent, lay finished garments flat to dry in a well ventilated area

  • Hand Feel: Silk is very soft to the touch and delicate to wear against the skin. Although it may initially feel a bit stiff, the Sari Silk will quickly and continually get softer and gain an even more beautiful sheen as it wears.
  • One of a kind sari yarn - No two skeins / balls are the same, but all will thrill with their bright colors and unique character.
  • Sari Silk yarn is great for knitting, crochet, jewelry making, weaving, crafting, home decor, or even adding a little flair to your gift wrapping.
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