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Revolution Fibers

Premium Top Whorl Drop Spindle

Premium Top Whorl Drop Spindle

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Precision Spinning in Your Hands

Envision a serene evening, your fingers dancing with fibers, the soft hum of the spindle crafting tales strand by strand. The Revolution Fibers Top Whorl Drop Spindle is your canvas, every twist and turn a brushstroke, creating something uniquely yours. Whether a beginner or an adept spinner, this spindle promises precision, balance, and a personal touch in every spin.

Your Spinning Companion:

Harmony in Balance: Our rosewood spindles, infused with masterful craftsmanship, ensure each spin is smooth and consistent, allowing you to craft yarns that echo perfection.

The Perfect Size: Our spindle, with its 11-inch shaft and 3.25-inch whorl diameter, is not just perfectly sized but meticulously balanced. This design ensures a smooth, wobble-free spin, making each of your spinning sessions both comfortable and consistently precise.

Take It Everywhere: Its lightweight design ensures that your creative spirit isn't bound by location. Find inspiration at home, in nature, or even on a journey; your spindle is always ready.

Beauty in Craftsmanship: Elegantly carved from rosewood, our spindles are not just tools but pieces of art, enhancing every moment of your spinning journey.

Efficiency in Design: Our top-whorl design, available in captivating variations like Rosewood Flora, Multi-Wood Stripes, and Multi-Wood Frusta, ensures faster spinning, letting you produce more in less time.

Endless Possibilities:

Experience the freedom to spin an array of fibers, from delicate lace to robust super-bulky. Dream of intricate patterns or bold art yarn styles? Your Revolution Fibers spindle is versatile, allowing you to bring any vision to life.


  • Weight: 2.5 oz.
  • Whorl Diameter: 3.25 inches
  • Shaft Length: 11 inches
  • Total Length (including hook): 11.7 inches
  • Shaft Below Whorl: 8 inches

Embarking on Your Journey:

If you're taking your first steps into the world of spinning, let us guide you. Explore our detailed Drop Spindle Walk-Through and master the enchanting art of spinning.

Pair with Excellence:

For an unparalleled spinning experience, accompany your Revolution Fibers Premium Rosewood Drop Spindle with our exquisite wool rovings. Together, they craft tales of elegance and passion.

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