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Eri Silk Yarn | Lace Weight 20/2 NM

Eri Silk Yarn | Lace Weight 20/2 NM

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Perfect for knit,crochet and woven projects. Eri silk, also known as Endi or Errandi, is a multivoltine silk spun from open-ended cocoons, unlike other varieties of silk. Eri silk is the product of the domesticated silkworm, that feeds mainly on castor leaves.

Our natural, undyed Eri silk is processed and spun into yarn without harming the silkworm. Typically, silk cocoons are boiled with the worm inside in order to produce one continuous silk filament from the cocoon. A continuous filament produces fabric that is both shiny and smooth.  Interestingly, the eri silkworm spins short segments of a filament and creates a cocoon that is open at one end – enabling the moth to emerge. Often referred to as the “peace silk,” eri is very popular among those interested in the most eco-friendly types of silk.

In order to be carded and spun into yarn, the tough cocoons have to undergo a process called degumming, which removes this glue-like protein. This process exposes the silk to high temperatures and soaps causing the  color to fade to cream, or beige. In general, the lighter the color of Eri silk, the more Seracin was removed. The silk is extremely durable, has a slight luster, and beautiful natural color that shouldn't fade or transfer with normal washing and wearing.

Eri Silk Yarn Details

  • Yarn Type: 100% Eri Silk 20/2 NM
  • Yarn Weight: Lace Weight
  • Put Up: Twisted Hank 
  • Yarn Length: Approximately 1,000 yards per 100 gram skein
  • Skein Weight: Approximately 100 grams per skein
  • Production / Ply: 20/2 NM
  • Recommended Needle / Hook Size: US 1- 3, 2.25 mm - 3.25mm | Hooks B - D
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash in lukewarm water with very gentle detergent. Lay flat to dry in shade and store in well ventilated area.
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