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Cross-Stitch Napkin Basket Weaving Bundle

Cross-Stitch Napkin Basket Weaving Bundle

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Purchase the Cross-Stitch Napkin Basket Kit and the Cross-Stitch Napkin Video Course together and delve into basket weaving with expert guidance and high-quality materials.

Enhance your skills and enjoy a comprehensive learning experience at an unbeatable price!

Cross-Stitch Napkin Basket Kit:

This basket weaving kit contains all the materials you need to complete one handwoven cross-stitch basket.

What is included in this basket kit:
- 42 feet of 5/8" flat reed: Stakes, Weavers
- 30 feet of #3 round reed: Twining, Cross-stitching - 50 feet of 1/4" flat-oval reed: Weavers, Lashing
- 10 feet of 1/2" flat reed: Weavers
- 8 feet of 5/8" flat-oval reed: Rim
- 4 feet of #2 seagrass: Rim insert

Cross-Stitch Napkin Video Course:

Get ready to dive into the wonderful world of basketry with our self-paced course.

😄 Learn at your own pace: No rush, no pressure! Take your time and enjoy the process.

🎥 Engaging multimedia experience: Video tutorials, visual guides, and clear written instructions will be your companions throughout the course.

🧺 Meet the Cross-Stitch Napkin Basket: This basket is not only functional but also a creative storage solution. It is designed specifically to store napkins in a unique and stylish way.

However, its versatility doesn't stop there! You can also use it as a bread basket, trinket catch-all, closet organizer, or even as a thoughtful gift basket.

✨ Unique cross-stitch embellishment: What sets this basket apart is the cross-stitch detail that adds a twist to the classic square shape. It's a beautiful and eye-catching addition to any table or space.

📐 Dimensions: When completed, the Cross-Stitch Napkin Basket measures approximately 9 inches x 9 inches at the base and stands at a height of 7 inches.

What's included in this fantastic course?

  • Step-by-step video tutorial of the entire weaving process
  • Illustrated, full-color instruction manual
  • Rattan Basket Weaving Guide
  • Email tips and support, if you choose to accept

Plus, we'll even send you a 10% discount code on all our kits, supplies, and basket tools.

Are you ready to unleash your creativity and become a basketry pro? Join us on this exciting journey!

Note: The link to the video tutorial is inside the PDF instruction manual

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