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Corriedale Wool Roving Top (1 lb / 16 oz) | 28 Microns, Natural Gray Undyed, Cleaned and Combed Core Wool

Corriedale Wool Roving Top (1 lb / 16 oz) | 28 Microns, Natural Gray Undyed, Cleaned and Combed Core Wool

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  • 1 (Lb) Pound - Undyed natural gray color Corriedale Cross Wool Roving Fiber. This wool is ideal for spinning, needle felting and wet felting and knits up beautifully!
  • Breed: Corriedale
  • Staple Length: 3-4.5 inches (roughly 90 mm)
  • Micron Average: 25-30
  • This corriedale roving top is the preferred choice for beginner and advanced crafters alike. Make your own spinning, weaving, or felting project and many more while enjoying the feel of our soft and durable corriedale wool top. From scarfs, hats, pet beds, to even blankets, this corriedale spinning top will look gorgeous for any gift of occasion.
  • Ethically sourced from regulated farms and processed with cruelty-free, environmentally safe practices, this beautiful Corriedale Wool Roving Top is perfect for beginner and advanced spinners and weavers alike! With beautiful natural luster, and a long staple length this wool top is also excellent for needle felting and wet felting in addition to tapestry work.

 Product Description

Corriedale is lovely and popular wool that is a wonderful all-purpose fiber loved by spinners, weavers, felters, knitters and crocheters around the world. This is premium grade, fine and softer than most other corriedale wools.

Originally and organically cruelty-free sourced from Australian and New Zealand sheep. This reliable multipurpose wool is a pleasure to spin, knit, crochet, weave or felt. Durable with significant loft and distinctive crimp, corriedale wool is the optimal wool choice for sweaters, socks, blankets and other household textiles. The Corriedale sheep is a mix of Merino and Lincoln breeds and the wool produces an excellent fiber quality for quick felting.

Corriedale wool is popular among fiber artists and crafters of all stripes. It is a medium fiber with a width of around 25-30 microns, and with a relatively good staple length of between 3-5 inches. It has a very well-defined crimp, and while difficult to spin fine, it makes a wonderfully bouncy DK or heavier weight yarn. Its medium fiber means that not everyone will be comfortable wearing it directly against skin, but it makes superior outerwear, hat, gloves, rugs, and other housewares. While felters love it for its ability to easily felt, knitters, weaver and crocheters will love it for its grippy-ness; colorwork and weaving done with Corriedale won’t slip around or become loose.

Key Characteristics
  • Staple length 3 – 5 inches (roughly 90 mm)
  • Micron count 25 – 29
  • Ethically sourced
  • Cruelty free, environmentally safe processing
  • Gentle to the touch and makes a wonderfully bouncy DK or heavier weight yarn
  • The preferred choice for beginner and advanced crafters alike
Popular Project Uses
  • Hand-spinning with a spinning wheel or drop spindle for your next knitting or crocheting project
  • Create socks, hats, gloves, shawls, rugs, and other housewares
  • Create chunky jumbo yarn arm-knit blankets and/or pet beds
  • Great for weaving and tapestry art projects
  • Perfect for felting projects both wet felting & needle felting

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